December Power Friday
Kindred Power Friday

In our monthly Power Friday, we invite people from all walks of life to share with us their valuable experiences. In Kindred, we believe that there is something to learn from everyone as everyone’s path is different. We have invited students from local universities to share with us some of their unique experience of working while studying. Looking at the fiery passion that they have to succeed really motivates us to do even better and excel further.

Feb Power Fri

Managers and Directors from other groups were invited as well to further add value to what we are doing in Kindred Advisors. Hearing from the experts themselves, it gave everyone a brand new perspective on how they see Financial Consultant as a job and also how they can provide better value to their clients. Various insights was provided based on their many years of experience, and it was indeed an eye opener for every of our financial consultant.

Power Friday 2

Kindred Managers have their own story to tell as well. Stories of how they persevered and how they manage to carve out their own path in the finance industry from nothing, these are the stories that motivates everyone in the agency to push towards greater success, be it in their life or their career.

“When times get tough, we don’t give up. We get up.” – Barack Obama

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