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Chloe Low


Financial Consultant (RNF No.: LSY300049351)

Currently, pursuing a Full-Time University degree while fulfilling her role as a full-fledged Financial Consultant. She achieved GELAC in her first year without sacrificing her time for school and grades despite her heavy school workload. Besides picking up core skills such as time management, she also learned how to help people plan for their future.


Roy Eng


Manager (RNF No.: EZQ300012269)

Migrated from another advisory firm to Great Eastern Financial Advisers under our agency group, Kindred Advisors. He was a nobody in his previous financial institute and was close to giving up on this industry until he bumped into us. With proper guidance, strong mentorship and the right sales strategy, he achieved almost the impossible, the prestigious COT award in 2020.


Jonathan Tan


Executive Senior Financial Consultant (RNF No.: TYM300473352)

After working a couple of years as an audit in a financial institute, he felt that the office politic was stagnant and there was no opportunity for high flyers. He wanted a challenge, believing the sky’s the limit. We offered him a platform with a bigger stage for him to spread his wings. He joined us in 2018 and achieved MDRT within a year, and achieved the prestigious COT award in 2020.


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