NTU Financial Knowledge Sharing
Financial Knowledge Sharing in NTU

With financial knowledge being a necessity in this new age, our financial consultants have been invited down over to Nanyang Technological University to have a talk to educate the students. Many talks have been conducted in NTU for the students to allow them to understand the importance of financial literacy and the basics of finance.

Basic personal financial management is being imparted to the students first. This is to allow them to start being aware of their own expenses and spending early. Bringing this habit and knowledge into the society will definitely be beneficial to them. It will help them to have a head start among their peers in terms of financial planning and allow them to better prepare for their future house and car.

NTU Investing Talk

Investment is a common topic being discussed about in the younger generation. However, not many understand the risk that they are taking and the impact of their investment. Thus, Kindred is there to guide and show them the different risks and impact there is. Students have given us amazing feedbacks regarding our sharing and some have requested for a next talk to further learn more on investment. We are glad that our experience in the financial industry can groom the next generation and allow them to walk into society with the necessary financial knowledge. The phrase “ignorance is bliss” does not apply to the finance industry. The more they know about it, the more aware they will be on the things happening in their life and they can better prepare for it.

We hope that the students have took away something from our sharing and can start on their financial journey armed with the necessary knowledge!

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